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Elloree Headstart Fun Day 2015

37 Children Celebrated the end of their Head Start experience on May 8, 2015. Keandre and Brooklyn were just 2 of the "Firefighter for a day" attending. Firefighter Anthony Robinson brought the fire truck and assisted with the presentation.

Brooklyn Johnson Fowler

Keandre Canty

Santee Head Start

Santee Head Start

Seventeen from the Santee Head Start program welcomed Officer Duckson of the Santee Police Department and Scott Daniels and Gary Elenbark of the Santee Fire Department on May12, 2015.

Firemen Scott & Gary

Firemen Scott & Gary

Firemen Scott Daniels and Gary Elenback demonstrated what a firefighter will look like if they come to put out a fire. Object was not to be afraid because the firefighter may look scary.

Fireman Scott Daniels

Fireman Scott Daniels

Showing the children how the air tank works. Fireman Scott is the Department's Training Officer

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