Edward Barnett, Jr. S-10
Fire Chief / Fire Marshal  / Arson Investigator for Santee District


Chief Barnett is a lifelong resident of Santee. Before coming to the Santee Fire Service District, he worked for Carolina Eastman Fire Brigade and was an EMT-Intermediate with Orangeburg County EMS.


He joined the department as a volunteer in 1987, became Volunteer Chief in 1997 and became a career Chief in 2000.


Chief Barnett is a state certified Fire Marshal for the district and is a member of the State Fire Marshals Associtation and the International Fire Chiefs Association, South Carolina Firefighters Association and NFPA.


He is also a certified CPR Instructor and First Aid Instructor.

PO Box 6, 1005 Bass Drive

Santee, SC 29142


Tel: 803-854-3270

Fax: 803-854-2104

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